Jan 15, 2017

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Fashion trends for Men Women like to See

Women dress to be noticed by men, at least most women. The same is true with men. Most men would give their eye teeth to know what women want their man to wear. Not surprising, considering that the first thing that attracts a woman’s attention is a guy’s sartorial style and elegance.
Here are some of the season’s fashion trends for men that women love for their man to wear:

The preppy style
The classy, clean-cut preppy look is a foolproof style that women dream of for their man. It calls to mind an Ivy League and privileged background that is elite and classically chic. The precisely pressed khaki pants or even shorts, striped button down shirt, customized t shirt ,chic cardigans, cool topsiders are worn with casual indifference that screams style and elegance.

white tee

Checkered jackets and blazers
Another fall fashion trend that women want for their man is a plaid blazer or jacket in this season’s most unconventional color combination and impeccable tailoring. This casual than a suit blazer is perfect paired with jeans or a dressier pair of pants depending on the occasion. A checkered blazer is the perfect urbane gentleman’s wear reminiscent of the highlands that can go everywhere. It can bring a guy from the work place, to a boisterous night out with the boys or a romantic evening with the lady who loves plaid jackets.

The cool and stylish chinos are a male outfit women want their man to wear. Usually made of a softer and more lightweight material than denims, chinos make a woman want to cuddle up. They are the perfect alternative to jeans for casualness and ease. An advantage of chinos over jeans is its versatility. It can be as casual as jeans but better than jeans, it could get you entry to the most exclusive and elite high- end watering holes and restos where jeans are frowned at.

Here some more fashion tips for men which come in handy-

• Wear dark (black) colors if you’re a little hefty
Men with a little bulk should not be afraid to wear anything they like particularly those in black. Black gives the illusion of slimness and it is classy, making a man in black looking very self-confident.

• Hide those boobs
Chubby men with “boobs” better head-off to the gym and firm-up the flab, in the meantime they should refrain from wearing clothes that cling, jiggling “boobs” are a big turn-off to most women.

• Use scent in moderation
If you can smell yourself then you have sprayed too much or if your scent lingers minutes after you’ve left a room, then your goal of smelling “good” is self – defeating. Wear scents or cologne in moderation, just a tiny hint will go a long way.

• Don’t display those hairy chest
If you have hairy chest, for goodness sake, don’t show them off. If you have to wear a V-neck shirt, make sure that you have an undershirt beneath it.

• Please, no socks with open sandals
Socks with sandals are tacky! Sandals should be worn with bare feet, clean bare feet with clean toe nails.

• Upgrade your glasses
If you’re wearing prescription glasses, make sure to upgrade the frame of your glasses at least every two years to keep up with what is current and in style. Since you wear them all the time, investing in quality glasses is a good and wise investment.

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